WSR Construction, Inc offers:

  • Residential roofing

  • Commercial roofing

  • Repairs of all kings

WSR Construction, Inc is a Duro-Last authorized contractor.

Composition (Asphalt shingles)
  • inexpensive
  • ranges from low-cost 3-tab shingle to architectural shingles with extra durability and style
  • many colors, types, and manufacturers
  • suitable for most residential applications
  • easy to repair
  • fire resistant
Wood shingles or shakes
  • natural look weathering to a soft grey
  • offers some insulation value
  • blends in with the environment
  • easy to repair or replace
  • long lasting if maintained (30–50 years)
Metal (steel, aluminum, tin, copper)
  • available in different looks including cedar shingles, slate or standing seam
  • many colors
  • light weight
  • durable
  • long life span (at least 50 years)
  • low maintenance
  • can be installed over existing roofs
  • excellent performance in high wind, hail and rain
  • environmentally friendly
Title (concrete, clay)
  • non-combustible
  • many colors and styles
  • attractive
  • fireproof
  • easy to maintain
  • extremely durable when maintained